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NEW BUILDING UNDER CONSTRUCTION:  A new 5,075 square foot automotive business is under construction at 3801 FM 1092 just west of Lowes, near the intersection of FM 1092 and Highway 6.

TWO NEW EMERGENCY ROOMS:  “First Choice Emergency Room” is the second of this type of Facility for which building permit plans have been submitted.  This location would be just west of Spring Creek BBQ at 4885 Highway 6.  The facility will be a 6,581 square foot emergency clinic.  The other facility is planned for a location off of Highway 6 near Sienna Parkway.

UPDATE ON DROUGHT CONDITIONS:  Moderate drought conditions continue in Fort Bend County, and the drought conditions could continue or worsen with the approaching summer months when water demand is traditionally high.

ADDITIONAL DROUGHT INFORMATION:  Irrigation zone schedules and more water saving tips can be found at or by calling (281) 275-2450.

SPRING GARAGE SALE:  Sell your unwanted possessions and find new treasurers!  Booth spaces are on sale now at the Rec & Tennis Center.  Standard spaces are $20 and premium location spaces are $30.  All proceeds from spaces sold will benefit the Mayor’s Youth Commission and Missouri City Green.

GARAGE SALE DATE, TIME & LOCATION:  Saturday, April 26, 8 am to 1 pm at City Hall Complex of Missouri City on FM 2234 (Texas Parkway).  Additional information:  Rec & Tennis Center at 281-403=3637.

DIRTY POOLS SURFACE IN SPRING:  When warm weather comes it is time for cleaning back yard pools.  If you know of a pool that needs cleaning contact your HOA and the CITY  ENFORCEMENT at 281-403-8560 where there is an answering machine for your convenience.  Be sure to talk slowly and distinctly giving the street address.

HELP PROUD SPONSOR QV PROJECTS:  Mail your (tax deductible) donation of $25 or more to:  Frost Bank, Lock box Department, Quail Valley PROUD, P. O. Box 367 Dept. 06, Houston, Texas  77001.


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GARAGE SALE SIGNS: A garage sale sign may be located in any zoning district. Such sign shall be located in accordance with the following regulations:

A garage sale sign shall be no more than four feet in height.

A garage sale sign shall have a maximum area per side of six square feet.

No more than one on-premises garage sale sign may be located on the premises on which a garage sale is to be held.

No more than two garage sale signs may be located on private property located within 1,000 feet from the premises on which a garage sale is to be held. Such signs shall be placed with the written permission of each property owner of the property on which the garage sale signs are to be located.

A garage sale sign shall not be placed earlier than twenty-four hours prior to the beginning of the garage sale and shall be removed not later than 11:59 p.m. on the final day of the garage sale.

Garage sale signs shall not be located on public property and property subject to a public easement or encumbrance. A garage sale sign located on public property or on property subject to a public easement or encumbrance may be removed by the city without notice. The new ordinance will be in effect on 8/1/12.

ATTENTION VETERANS:  The American Legion - William (Tony) Workman Post #294 has a "new" meeting place at Old Hickory Inn in the Township Shopping Center (One block from the intersection of FM 1092 and Highway 6).  Come at 6:30 pm and buy your dinner so that we can all "break bread together".  The Meeting is 7 pm to 8 pm.  Sharing of your "war stories" is encouraged during the "social" time.  Visitors are welcome.  Bring a friend and introduce them to the American Legion.

QV Proud does NOT call residents or write letters to residents concerning violations.  QV Proud does NOT have the authority to enforce deed restrictions or city ordinances.  QV Proud HOTLINE only REPORTS violations to the proper entities.  The HOTLINE also answers questions and responds to concerns.

IF YOUR PROBLEM/CONCERN IS STILL UNRESOLVED?:   Email us.    With E-mail you can possibly receive a faster response than with a phone call.

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO MAKE SURE YOUR ARTICLE AND/OR PICTURE MAKES THE PAPER?  Deadline for “E-Mail” Submissions is 20th day of each month. Important: Send any photo image in "jpg" and as a separate attachment to the Email. Sometimes received attachments cannot be opened by the newspaper staff. Ask for confirmation of receipt and that the attachment could be opened. Press Releases should be sent in Word Doc (not docx (because this opens up on the computer the size of a postage stamp.) or pdf) or plain text.

DO YOU KNOW OF AN “UGLY” LOCATION?  Call or e-mail QV Proud.

DOES QV FUND (homeowners association) have E-mail?  Yes.  It is


HOW DO YOU REACH CRIME WATCH?  Use the QV Proud HOTLINE phone/fax number or E-mail.  I will forward any messages to them.  OR go to our web site at and click on “organizations”.  There is a “direct” email address to the Crime Watch contact in that section.

HOW CAN YOU HELP SOLVE OUR POWER OUTAGE PROBLEM?  E-mail to report all power outages giving date, time, type and your address.

I WANT TO TALK TO CENTERPOINT.  Contact Customer Relations at 713-207-2222.

WHAT IS THE PHONE NUMBER TO REPORT A BURNED OUT STREET LIGHT?  (713-207-2222)  Note:  You must have the street address and they need to have the 6 digit vertical numbers on the side of the pole that faces the street.  It is about 6 feet off the ground.

WHO DO WE CALL WHEN THERE IS A TRAFFIC PROBLEM ON FM 1092?  If you don’t have a car phone, call when you get to work or home. The City Public Works office at 281-403-8585 or if it is after 5 pm or on a weekend call the police non-emergency number 281-403-8700.

WHERE CAN I GET A COPY OF MY DEED RESTRICTIONS?  If you live in Quail Valley, go to the QV Proud web site.  These copies are “not” certified but they will give you the basic information about the area in which you live.  You can print off a copy if you wish. 


HAZARDOUS WASTE MATERIALS DROP OFF SITE:  Fort Bend County Recycling Center in Rosenberg at 281-633-7581 for information and directions to the site.

THERE IS AN EFFORT BEING MADE TO COMPILE SOME PICTURES THAT SHOW THE “BEFORE” AND “EARLY DAYS” OF QUAIL VALLEY SUBDIVISION.  We have some that show Hampton as merely a “driveway” instead of a street and Hampton Robinson as a young man.  These pictures were courtesy of a member of the Robinson family.  If you moved to QV before 1975 please contact QV Proud.   We need pictures of the subdivision terrain, buildings in the early 70’s and pictures of amenities no longer existing like La Quinta tennis courts and the Youth Rec Center on Cypress Point.

HOW WILL THE COPIES OF THESE PICTURES BE MADE?  Gregg has the capability of scanning your pictures directly to his lap top while at your home.  It will not be necessary to remove any of your pictures from your home.  Your pictures can be a part of our early pictorial Quail Valley History book.

WHAT TO DO IF YOU SEE A ROAMING DOG OR CAT?  Call the non-emergency number (281-403-8700 and ask for a dispatcher.  Animal Control Officers will be paged and the street address where the animal is will be given to them ASAP.

FARMER’S MARKET:  Froberg Farms, OPEN 7 days a week, 9am to 6pm, 281-585-3531.
Directions:  * Drive toward Alvin on Hwy 6 * Past Hwy 288 * 7 miles * stop light at CO 146 & stay on Hwy 6  * Look for the sign:  “One (1) mile to Frobergs.”

HOW DO WE DISPOSE OF OLD PAINT?  Purchase the LARGE disposal foil roasting pan and a large bag of the “cheap” kitty litter.  Pour the kitty litter into the pan.  Pour old paint on top of kitty litter and stir with a stick.  Cover it with window screen to keep cats, dogs, birds and squirrels out of it OR put it in your garage where children and animals cannot reach it.  (It will drive faster if outside in the sunshine.)  Put a small amount of kitty litter in bottom of paint can, leave lid off and it will dry up fast.  When paint is totally dry put can, pan and contents into trash bag and put out for trash pickup.  (I am told that when paint is “completely dry” it is no longer toxic.)

NOTE:  IMPORTANT.  Make sure paint is dry because when the garbage truck compacts your trash bags you don’t want paint to ooze out of the truck and into the street leaving an obvious trail from your house.  Then everyone will know “you did it”!!!

DOGS: Barking Dogs, Lost Pets, Adopt a Pet, Dangerous Dogs, Animal Bites, City Code Re: Animals
Contact: Animal Control Officers - On Duty 7 Days a Week
Monday thru Friday 7 am - 6 pm
Saturday and Sunday 8 am - 6 pm
Emergency or After Hours: 281-403-8700
Click here to visit the Missouri City Animal Control Website


1.  Copy of their insurance certificate to show they have proper liabilities for work and their employees.

2.  Pick up nails in yard with a magnet.

3.  Get all nails dropped between roof and gutters.

4.  How they will protect all flower beds/shrubs.

5.  Stuff towels in top of gutter downspouts to prevent debris from falling in them.

6.  Proof that they paid for the supplies.  Protects you from the supplier putting a lien on your house for payment.

7.  Fax, mail or take by copy of your quote/proposal from roofer to your HOA for approval.

8.  Ask that the roofing company post their city permit on your front door and make sure that you know when the city inspects your roof BEFORE you pay the roofer.

9.  Consider new type of ridge rows and new type of attic vents:
  *  Double ridge rows enhance the look of your roof
  *  flat attic vents along top ridge of house does best job of venting hot air trapped in the attic.

10. Ask for a "hand" nail crew rather than "automatic" nail crew.  Using 6 nails per shingle instead of 4 nails helps keep those shingles in place during high  winds.

11. If the roofing company asks for a down payment, that could spell TROUBLE!
        *  They may not have enough money to buy your materials or pay the crew.
        *  They may take your money and you never hear from them again.

You need to get a permit from your HOA and the CITY.  This will make sure that what you do is within your deed restrictions and CITY ordinances.  (You don't want the expense of having to tear it out and redo it!)
Also it protects you against improper installation.  Better for the CITY to inspect during the work and after it is finished.  They will have more clout in seeing that the contractor does it right!
IMPORTANT:  Make sure that the contractor gets the permit, NOT YOU, because whoever gets the permit is responsible for seeing that the construction is done according to code.  If something is in violation you want the CITY to go after the Contractor not you.

12. Click here for information about using the DUMP (landfill) in MC area.

 Fees for pool usage during entire summer
 Rental fee for private parties

Meadowcreek Pool on Cartwright @ La Quinta
available to rent: pool and club house
you will get a recording - leave a message for Dawn Bailey
**leave your name and phone number  

 QV East Club Pools
 Sam Rubbico at
 Pool I at Cartwright & Valley Forest
 Pool II at Turtle Creek & Valley Forest
 Both pools recently renovated
 Splash pad at the Turtle Creek location

There are some very good resources on Texas A &M web sites you can go to for information on lawns and earth friendly landscapes. For your convenience I have listed 4 sites , they are:

1.) Texas Super Star Plants
2.) Aggie horticulture
3.) Earth-kind Program
4.) Plants for Texas

14. Clean Restaurant Award:

Following restaurants were awarded the “Clean Restaurant Award”. To earn this award, the restaurants had to score 95 or better on their health inspections and had no critical violations in the last six month inspection period: Billie’s Donuts, Bluebonnet Grill, Brooklyn Pizzaria, Burger King HWY 6, Carl’s Jr., Carino’s, Catfish Willie’s, Chick Fil A, Chili’s, Chipolte Mexican Grill, Coco Pazzo, Don Julio’s, Einstein Bagels, El Vaquerro, Fuzzy’s Tacos, Grand Indian Catering, Kolache Factory, Mahemia Indian Bistro, Nessan’s Kitchen, Old Hickory Inn, Pizza Hut TXP, QQ China, Popeye’s, Red Oak Grill, 7 Spice Cajun Kitchen, Shipley’s, Smoothie Factory, Snow Flake Donuts, Star Cinema Grill, Subway Sienna, Subways (2) HWY 6, Submarina, Taco Bell/Pizza Hut, Tornado Taco, Wendy’s Whataburger and Wing Stop.


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