Quail Valley Parks - MacNaughton Park Plans

Plans for MacNaughton Park in Quail Valley - Missouri City

This is what we know – the playground and workout stations will be located at MacNaughton Park and paid for in their entirety by the Quail Valley Fund. The completion date is estimated to be near the end of 2015.

Quail Valley Parks - MacNaughton Park Plans

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More details to follow.

5 thoughts on “Plans for MacNaughton Park in Quail Valley - Missouri City

    1. The neighborhood HOA, Quail Valley Fund, is funding the project and would be able to answer your question. I don’t recall walking paths included in phase one of the project discussed at the annual HOA meeting.

  1. Will the MacNaughton playground construction begin soon? Several children on our block are anxiously awaiting the new playground. Will it be built by spring 2016? We are close enough to walk there!

  2. what’s the news on the progress for the park being built? we still have to go to all the NEW playgrounds in Sugar-land…. great new replacement for the”boat park”….but Missouri city…?

    1. Hi Josie! Great question. The playground addition at MacNaughton Park is a Quail Valley Fund (HOA) project, not a Quail Valley Proud project. (Admittedly, we have a similar name, but are two separate organizations.) With that said, the last thing we heard is that the equipment is currently being constructed off-site. According to the HOA, there will be a few phases to the project, but look for movement in the next 30 days and completion by summer. The project should move pretty fast, once they start moving.

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