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Quail Valley Garden Tour 2015

The Quail Valley Garden Tour - April 25, 2015

Rain or shine, the 8th Annual Quail Valley Garden Tour for 2015 promises mature gardens that reflect each owners’ varied tastes and interests. Tour the gardens to get ideas and tips from experienced gardeners of how they’ve made their gardens inviting and easier to maintain. Continue reading

Quail Valley Parks - MacNaughton Park Plans

Plans for MacNaughton Park in Quail Valley - Missouri City

This is what we know – the playground and workout stations will be located at MacNaughton Park and paid for in their entirety by the Quail Valley Fund. The completion date is estimated to be near the end of 2015. Continue reading

Quail Valley Garden Tour 2014

Quail Valley Garden Tour 2014

April 26, 2014 from 10AM – 4PM

The 2014 Gardens provide a variety of alternatives how different families create magic in their gardens and enhance their home’s comfort and value. This year’s theme is making the most of your space. All gardens have challenges that life, weather or nature give us. Whether you have an unusual layout, drainage, a desire for comfort/intimacy, or the need for sporting space, you’ll gain creative ideas from home gardens who have been selected for a variety of reasons that include location and type of lot, price range, garden variety and ease of maintenance. Continue reading