Common Topics & Frequent Questions

Do you have concerns about codes, deed restrictions and similar topics?Quail Valley Fund We are independent of the homeowners association and not involved with enforcement. Please contact the Quail Valley Fund HOA manager, Kerry Holmes, at 281.499.8371. The Quail Valley Fund office is located at 3603 Glenn Lakes Lane, Missouri City, TX, 77459.

Questions and Topics

When is early voting?
Early voting begins April 28th for City and School Board Elections. During early voting you may vote at “any” Fort Bend County polling location.

When are paper ballots counted?
When the Fort Bend County Elections posts election night early voting, all the returned ballots “by mail” are included.

What is an Early Voting Ballot Board?
This is a board of 5 to 13 people named by the two major parties, which verifies that everything is correct on the carrier envelope and that the signatures match the application.

Garage Sale Signage
A garage sale sign may be located in any zoning district. A garage sale sign shall be no more than four feet in height. A garage sale sign shall have a maximum area per side of six square feet. No more than 1 on-premises garage sale sign may be located on the premises on which a garage sale is to be held. No more than two garage sale signs may be located on private property located within 1,000 feet from the premises on which a garage sale is to be held. Such signs shall be placed with the written permission of each property owner of the property on which the garage sale signs are to be located. A garage sale sign shall not be placed earlier than twenty-four hours prior to the beginning of the garage sale and shall be removed not later than 11:59 p.m. on the final day of the garage sale. Garage sale signs shall not be located on public property and property subject to a public easement or encumbrance. A garage sale sign located on public property or on property subject to a public easement or encumbrance may be removed by the city without notice.

Electricity: Quail Valley is deregulated – shop and choose at
Natural Gas: CenterPoint Energy – 713.659.2111 /
Water & Sewer: Quail Valley Utility District – 281.499.5539 /
Street Maintenance: Missouri City Public Works – 281.403.8570 /
Street Light Outage: CenterPoint – 713.207.2222 /

Architecture Controls
Visible changes made to homes should be harmonious, structurally sound and meet code requirements. Any external alteration to the property require approval (i.e. roof, painting, windows, fence, patio, play structures, landscaping, outdoor kitchen, driveway). The Quail Valley Fund (HOA) has more info and applications at

Deed Restrictions
There are too many to list for all the subdivisions in the Quail Valley neighborhood. The Quail Valley Fund (HOA) has them publicly available at

Deed Restrictions Regarding Pets

  • The maximum number of allowed pets per household is currently four
  • No animal that is commonly recognized as aggressive or vicious to humans or other animals is permitted
  • Dogs must be leashed when on streets and common areas
  • Dogs must be kept inside the home or in a fenced backyard

Where are the dog parks?
Kitty Hollow Park: 9555 TX-6, Missouri City, TX 77459

When you enter the park, follow the road past a small lake and playground. You will see a small 2 story house (it’s a historical plantation house) with picket fence. To the right and across the street are the dog parks, one for large dogs and another for small dogs. There is a swimming pond and cleaning stations for the pets.

Trash, Waste, Garbage

  • Collection is Wed. & Sat. – set after 6pm day before and taken in by 6pm day of
  • Must be in containers or bags, tree limbs must be bundled less than 4 ft wide (all items must be less than 40 lbs each
  • Items excluded: dirt, rocks, bricks, concrete, tires, batteries, motor oil, cooking oil, contractor waste or hazardous materials