Quail Valley Proud Annual Membership

$ 40.00

Membership supports your neighborhood and local community development. A Quail Valley Proud Annual Membership also provides you with reduced fees to attend or participate in social, sporting, and holiday events throughout the year. Membership is per household, not per individual.  ALSO, a portion of each membership is set aside for the Quail Valley Proud Success Fund, a scholarship program which benefits graduating high school seniors that live in Quail Valley.  Membership to Quail Valley Proud, a 501(c)3, is a donation and is tax-deductible.

PLEASE NOTE: In 2017, the Quail Valley Fund HOA funded every Quail Valley Proud event through an exclusive partnership agreement.  In turn, all Quail Valley Fund HOA members were given Quail Valley Proud memberships at no charge as well as free registration for Proud events.

This year (2018), the Quail Valley Fund HOA board elected to scale back, opting to instead sponsor three (3) out of twenty (20) events put on by Quail Valley Proud.  It should be said that we appreciate any level of support and are thrilled that the Fund wants to play a major role in three of our events.  With that said, there are still a number of activities planned for 2018 that are not covered by their donation.  Therefore, Quail Valley Proud must revert back to its membership-based system and effective immediately, will collect dues and depending on the event, may also charge registration fees.